Welcome to Hack Circus


Hack Circus is a new quarterly magazine and event series about fun and fantastical ideas. It is produced in Yorkshire with contributions from everywhere!

Invention doesn’t have to be useful. Hack Circus celebrates the entertaining and engaging side of inventive thought, whether that manifests physically with wires and batteries, or conceptually in artistic or philosophical ways – as long as it makes us smile.

So far, Hack Circus has addressed such issues as:

  • How do you know you’re not just a brain in a jar?
  • What do particle physicists know about ghosts?
  • How do you communicate with the distant future?
  • How do you write about time travel so it makes sense?
  • Why do some people think the Universe is a hologram?

The blog is updated with articles and related content at least once a week, on a Wednesday.

The second event, THIS IS REALITY, will take place on March 15th in Sheffield. Find out more about it here. The second issue of Hack Circus is out in mid-March and also themed on reality. Read about it here.

Issue 2: REALITY
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The first event, TIME TRAVEL LIVE, took place on October 6th in London, and videos of all the talks are online.

Hack Circus is a Final Bullet production.